Grandchamp Structure tent Design specializes in making commercial tent and selling clear span tent, including four-season tents, structure tent and marquees.

At Grandchamp, quality is defined by innovation, solidity, efficiency and professionalism. We build the client experience on these qualities–from the very first try.

We’ve been renting tents for more than 30 years, and in that time we’ve slowly shifted toward large-scale manufacturing of fabric structures.


A North American industry leader since 1985, Grandchamp has continued to adapt to the ever-changing market.

The company established its reputation for excellence through its tent rental service, providing premium-quality structures for corporate events, weddings and private functions. Continuing to search out new possibilities in the market, Grandchamp quickly identified the need for a second division specialized in manufacturing structure tents.

The result was Grandchamp Structure Design, a company specialized in manufacturing four-season tents, including Clear Span tents. The company can now offer specialized tents that are much more versatile, without compromising on functionality and structural stability standards. Grandchamp Structure Design manufactures tents suitable for all types of terrain, and that can also stand up to the region’s varied weather conditions. They can support heavy loads of snow and withstand winds of up to 140 km/h.

In addition to rental options, Grandchamp offers custom-built solutions for clients wishing to purchase a tent: structure tents tailored to their specific needs, whether it be in terms of width, length or even height—anything is possible!




Grandchamp Structure Design has designed and manufactured structure tents and marquees for several years now. The company works to remain at the cutting edge, pushing the boundaries of expectations.

Working alongside its manufacturing department, the R&D team is continually improving structure tent products to meet client needs, as well as fine tuning installation.

Grandchamp structure tents are made with compatible, interchangeable parts—modular systems—allowing for a wide range of assembly options using the smallest number of parts possible. The company has also developed a Bolt-On attachment system, an innovation that offers perfect efficiency through simplicity. All structures can be assembled with a single tool and bolt. Grandchamp Structure Design is continually developing and improving its structure tents.

To remain at the forefront of the industry, the company has invested over a million dollars in innovation in recent years, funding the purchase of major equipment and software as well as new procedures, training and the expansion of work spaces. These funds have also allowed us to reorganize production, and have made it possible for the company to reinvent existing procedures in order to reach new heights.

In doing so, Grandchamp sets itself apart from its competitors and remains a forerunner in the structure tent market. In recognition of this, among other things, the company was awarded the prestigious “Distinction 2016” prize in the manufacturing category.




To maintain the company’s vision—to become and maintain a position as the largest Canadian structure tent rental, manufacturing and export company—and to achieve its goal of approaching the challenges it faces with creative solutions, the first step is to build a solid foundation. This is why every employee adheres to the lean management approach, promoting synergy between departments.

Whether it be during R&D, production or even installation, all company members work together. The common goal is continual improvement, of the product offered to the client but also to their work environment. Lean management is a way to structure and standardize the work of employees in order to improve efficiency.

The lean management approach promotes working in a clean, well-organized environment, which boosts employee motivation. Everyone at Grandchamp can now focus on the company’s three key values: efficiency, stability and innovation.


 Solid structure tent

Grandchamp Structure tent Design is manufacturer of  4 seasons solid structure tent commonly called clear span for several years.

Naturally, we manufacture self-supporting solid structure tents up to 140 ‘wide.

In fact, what stands out the tent structure of the other structure tent is the solidity and strength of these ones.

Moreover, the question arises: what are the advantages of using a structure tent?

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Round Ends

First of all, round ends are one of  Grandchamp Structure Design’s specialities. In addition to his luxurious look and innovative design, this clear span geometry allows better resistance to the wind.

In fact, with its roof in single-piece, it provides an easy handling  for those who wants to install the structure tent themselves.

It’s possible to configure several different shapes such as round form or oval tents with middle sections. This gives you a multitude of opportunities to create a unique clear span, according to your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our round clear span.





Winter tents (clear span)

Winter tents are strong enough to bear loads of snow.

They are also exceptionally resistant to winds and all bad weather.

Also, the double-roofs option provide better insulation.


Curved tents provide exceptional flexibility. They can be modified into L , S and U shapes and adapting to any type of site. We also offer the tent in circle shape for various projects such an inner courtyard, etc.



MARQUEE TENTS (high peak frame tent)

The marquee is our signature design, and one of the tent market’s flagship products. At Grandchamp, we’ve worked hard to rethink the design and improve certain aspects. Naturally, it incorporates our company’s three greatest strengths: stability, efficiency and innovation. Engineer-approved, our marquee is a Canada-made product and a guaranteed long-term investment.

  • Wheel-mounted sliding wall systems
  • Self-supporting, no centre mast
  • Wind-resistant
  • Walls retract into foot
  • Adjustable width: 10’, 15’ or 20’
  • UV blocked windows
  • Easy Handling

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Custom Designs

  • Fully customizable tent size
  • In-house Industrial Design Team


  • High-frequency welding
  • CNC cutting


  • Banners
  • Lettering
  • Adhesive vinyl



The tent rentals can be prior to purchase,  for accommodate all your needs.

They’re ideal for temporary needs. You can rent a tent for the amount of time you need.

For example, tents can be rented for a day, a week or a month. It depends to your needs.


We sell used rental tents at very affordable prices. All products are in very excellent condition.

In fact, all tents come with a warranty.

For more informations, feel free to contact one of our advisors.




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