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Buy tent is a big investment, especially since they need to last a long time.
Whether for a temporary building or an event, our tents are well known for their sturdiness and elegant design.

Initially, we’ve design tents in various sizes, without interior mats.

Small Marquee Tents

marquise-20x40, achat chapiteau, marquee

Our small marquee tents come in the following sizes:


All of our marquee tents are modular so you can create the size you want, such as 20’x40′ or 20’x100′.

In fact, you can set up several tents side-by-side to form an L, U or T, or even a cross. So, this model can be tailored to any surface. Then, don’t hesitate to contact us to purchase a tent with a warranty.


Modular temporary buildings

tente structure

The medium-sized modular building is ideal for the winter since it has been specially designed to withstand the season’s harsh weather conditions. For increased safety, you can even have a double top inserted to reduce the condensation created by heating systems.



The extra large modular building is even more robust and the best in its category. It’s an ideal permanent structure, as it is manufactured to endure the trials of all four seasons, including abundant snowfall and fierce winds. This modular buildings can be extended to 140 feet across, the widest in North America!




Structure Tents

Acheter un chapiteau, bouts ronds, structure tent

Indeed, structure tents can be adjusted to almost any size, from 20’ to 40’ in width and any length. For example, this self-supporting model with no central mat can withstand winds of up to 140 km/h, making it the sturdiest tent in the industry. Finally, it is the only tent that can handle significant snow loads.



Before buy tent, check the technical information on our website to compare wind strength and snow load limits based on width and model.



Buy tent

For one thing, we’re the largest manufacturer of structure tents in Quebec. In addition, our production method inspired by the TPS (Toyota Production System) earned us the title of Manufacturer of the Year. However, Grandchamp is always a step ahead of the game thanks to lean organization and our strong corporate culture. After all, our tents are all approved by a certified engineer, and we have also qualified R&D staff and in-house industrial designers.


Grandchamp also install, maintain, clean and store any tent purchased by our customers. Also, all the tents comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Ask for a free estimate for buy tent.


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