Clear Span

There are many advantages to using a Clear Span tent.

Benefits of Clear Span tents:clear span tent

First, the Clear Span tent does not have any internal columns, providing maximum, unobstructed space.

With its free-standing aluminum frame, the Clear Span tent offers superior wind resistance, making it the safest event tent. Also, a Clear Span tent can be installed over any obstacle (e.g., landscape features, statues, fountains, etc.)

is not only strong, but economical, costing less than a traditionally constructed temporary building. In terms of durability, it can be installed for the short- or long-term, from a few days to several years.

The Clear Span tent offers several different options in terms of width, height and design, including 90° bends, and even rounded ends.



Advantages as a temporary building:


Certified by engineers

Each of our Clear Span tent models has been engineer-approved. Every structure is certified, having undergone extensive testing and various studies, both in the laboratory and through simulation. Our designs have been further validated in the rental field through our tent rental company. We comply with all Canadian and U.S. standards in force and any regulations that apply to our event tent installations.

Four-season event tents

We specialize in the manufacture of four-season event tents. Our products have proven their durability in Canada’s extreme climate, withstanding major snow loads, freezing rain and any other kind of adverse weather conditions. All our products have been designed with this reality in mind. For example, the studies conducted have shown that our Clear Span tents can stand up to winds of up to 140 km/hr.

Imperial units

We mainly use imperial units in the design, manufacture and installation of our Clear Span tents. This allows us to standardize all aspects of our operation and facilitate adaptation. In fact, imperial units are used extensively throughout our industry. However, we can also work in metric units upon request.

Designed and manufactured in Canada

Our products have a reputation for being strong and safe. This is the result of having a skilled, meticulous workforce that pays strong attention to detail. Our employees use the LEAN management approach. That is, they all work toward a common goal: to continuously improve their work methods and the product delivered to customers.

A quality product

We use a high-quality, coated clear vinyl fabric which is resistant to dips in temperature known as “cold cracks.” (Vinyl weighs 25 oz.) In addition, the side windows are tinted and block UV rays. We also still offer a double-walled roof option. A double-walled roof reduces condensation inside and provides better insulation in winter.


The height options for the sides of our Clear Span tent vary from 10 to 21 feet. The clear span can be up to 140 feet wide, as required. Our free-standing Clear Span tents do not require any central poles—a wonderful feature that offers maximum interior space.

Our signature: the Bolt-On attachment system

We have created a Bolt-On attachment system for the entire aluminum frame. The frame has a square cavity that will hold the 3/4″ head of a standard 1/2″ diameter bolt, available in any hardware store. The uprights, rafters and purlins (everything in aluminum) use this rail attachment system. You just slide the bolt head in and tighten the nut to secure the part in question.

This opens up a whole range of possibilities for our customers, including hanging decorations, lights, a sound system and even banners. Just one tool is required for the Bolt-On system: a ¾” wrench.



Advantages for renters:

  • We have eliminated the metal pole system at the base of the walls and roofs.
  • All parts of our event tents are universally compatible.
  • Our uprights and rafters are all interchangeable (see photo below).
  • We can set up several different models together, including S-M-XL.
  • Cross-bracing cables, walls and purlins are the same on all S-M-XL models.
  • One bolt type is used for the whole frame (1/2″).
  • Fastest installation in the industry.
  • One-person installation kit for arch-lifting system.
  • No lift or crane needed for installation.
  • Simplified roof installation. One person can install the roofs from the ground. The roof insertion operation takes just 20 minutes.
  • Designed and manufactured to fit in an event tent washing machine.


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