Commercial tent

Commercial tent competitive brand Grandchamp Structure Design is the North-American leader in all-season commercial tent and marquees. Our products are intended for customers wishing to have their own commercial tent.

Commercial tent, temporary structures, and freestanding tents are all products that can be adapted to your needs. In addition, these solutions can withstand the drastically different weather conditions of Quebec’s northern climate no matter the season.

Grandchamp Structure Design is a company driven by four values that are deeply rooted not only in its processes and products, but also in the mentality of its employees, regardless of their position or location.

Grandchamp Structure Design’s Values


 First, solidity is reflected not only in each of our commercial tent products, but also in our solid and cohesive team, whose everyday teamwork results in the creation of functional, practical, and versatile products. These characteristics make Grandchamp Structure Design a trustworthy company and an influential market player.

For over 30 years, innovation has been at the heart of this manufacturing business, which also includes a highly active design, research, and development department. Employees in every sector, constantly solicited for their ideas, are at the heart of the innovation and efficiency intrinsic to our commercial tent manufacturing and installation methods. This is how our creative and modern company fosters the growth of each of its employees.

Commercial tent


Regardless of the product—be it a commercial tent, freestanding tent, or temporary structureefficiency is a key component of Grandchamp Structure Design’s manufacturing process and is achieved by instilling a very organized “Lean Management” business culture.

Teamwork is one of the driving forces behind the efficiency within the company. As Grandchamp’s president puts it, “You don’t win the Stanley Cup by yourself; you win it with the whole team!” The company relies on the entire workforce and their ideas to grow. The Grandchamp mentality aims to recognize each employee’s strengths to optimize their role within the company. Training is also of utmost importance.

The team’s professionalism shines through its specialized customer service and ability to meet the customers’ needs. At Grandchamp Structure Design, everything is designed to make the consumer’s life easier and guarantee the success of their events. This is reflected not only in each of our commercial tent, but also in our unmatched customer service.

According to Bernard Grandchamp, President of this family-owned company, the evolution of Grandchamp Structure Design is driven by a long-term vision backed by a solid and cohesive team.