The glass wall

The result of attention to our customers’ needs, new trends, and exceptional teamwork. the glass wall is a robust product that lends a touch of class and elegance to any structure.

Grandchamp structure design glass wall


Give your tent a makeover with a glass wall 

Whether you’re seeking a breathtaking view of nature, wish to protect your guests against the wind, or even just seeking to make your Clear Span tent more solid, a glass wall will also help keep your tent warm in the winter. This wall was designed and created to meet specific requirements and offers the following advantages:






  • Easy to install. The ingenuity of our bolt-on system ensures that the glass wall, like all other structures, can be assembled simply using a single tool.
  • Adaptable. It can be installed in any tent, regardless of how wide the bays are.
  • Resistant. This type of wall is more weather-resistant, particularly against the wind.
  • Solid. Like all our tents, the glass wall is very robust. The wall pannels are manufactured using 6 mm thick tempered glass and has an aluminum fitting and frame structure.
  • Waterproof. Like several of our solutions, the glass wall is an all-season structure and can even be used all winter long.
  • Preventive systems. Grandchamp glass walls are equipped with anti-shock, anti-vibration, and noise-prevention systems, making them the perfect solution for all types of events.


  • Customizable. Do you wish to customize your tent? Consider adding tinted walls to your structure!
  • Versatile. Glass walls are suitable for a wide range of uses and are the perfect solution for VIP sections, terraces, and other high end events.
  • Aesthetic. These type of wall will certainly lend a touch of class and elegance to any Clear Span tent structure, ensuring an exclusive and cozy atmosphere.
  • Economical. With its excellent insulation properties, the Grandchamp glass wall allows you to save on heating costs for Clear Span tents.


Our innovative products like the glass wall are the result of the skill, creativity, and resourcefulness of Grandchamp’s employees, whatever their role, who demonstrate exceptional professionalism.

To find out more about this revolutionary solution, please feel free to contact us !