Modular Buildings

The Grandchamp team includes competent, qualified, and highly professional engineers who ensure that all the company’s modular buildings exceed industry standards and that they are safe and mathematically sound.

Grandchamp Structure Design chiefly offers two types of modular buildings: the marquee and the structure tent. Whatever the type, all our modular buildings meet very strict safety criteria.

Have you ever seen one of those small tents characterized by the elegant and original peak at the centre of its roof? The marquee is a member of the Grandchamp product family that has been reworked and improved over the years.

fabric modular building structure

Marquee and Structure Tent 


You will notice that the Grandchamp marquee sports, among its many sophisticated features, a rather pronounced gable, which is advantageous as it draws the eye and is more visible in crowds. The “Grandchamp peak” also provides the canvas with greater tension, making the tent more aerodynamic and resistant to strong rains and winds. The Grandchamp marquee is also known for its simple assembly and quick installation, making it a one-of-a-kind solution on the market.

The smallest structure tent offered by Grandchamp is recommended for use in the spring, summer, and fall. Its very affordable price and intrinsic properties (lightweight, easy to install, etc.) make it the ideal solution for frequent assembly and disassembly

Medium-sized temporary modular building


The medium-sized modular building is ideal for the winter since it has been specially designed to withstand the season’s harsh weather conditions. For increased safety, you can even have a double top inserted to reduce the condensation created by heating systems.


The extra large modular building is even more robust and the best in its category. It’s an ideal permanent structure, as it is manufactured to endure the trials of all four seasons, including abundant snowfall and fierce winds. This modular buildings can be extended to 140 feet across, the widest in North America!

What Makes Our Fabric Structures Unique


 The marquee has proven itself time and time again! Thanks to its innovative characteristics, the structure tent, be it a modular buildings, freestanding tent, or temporary structure, offers several distinct advantages over the competition.

  • Firstly, the lack of a central column creates more interior layout options. This wonderful feature gives you more space to use as you see fit.
  • Next, the freestanding aluminum frame makes these tents the sturdiest and safest in the industry. They resist heavy winds while remaining malleable and versatile. They can be installed over obstacles, such as fountains, landscape features, and statues.
  • All in all, with the high quality of its raw materials and efficiency of its assembly, the structure tent is a cost-effective choice, saving you more money than any other traditional construction solution.
  • Their high-quality material also gives these tents a lifespan of several years.
  • Finally, the modular buildings is an incredibly versatile product, particularly in its design (90° bend or round ends) and available sizes (length, width, and height).

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