A new Grandchamp’s product

July 18, 2018 1:50 pm

In the past few months, Grandchamp Structure Design has made a significant addition to its already diverse range of merchandise. We are very proud to offer you a brand-new product: the rigid glass wall panel.


Not only do these panels add a touch of elegance to our Clear Span tents, they’re also adaptable, resistant, waterproof, and aesthetically pleasing, to name but a few of their advantages.


In addition, our latest invention is a testament to the stability of Grandchamp products. The glass panel is as solid and resistant as our other Clear Span tent panels. It also has the advantage of letting in natural light to brighten the inside of the tent beautifully. Furthermore, it gives the structure a very professional look, which aligns with the company’s overall aesthetic. If you’re looking to give your tent a chic and elegant touch, our rigid glass wall panels are the ideal choice.


These versatile panels are perfect for all our tents, whether they’re for sales or for rentals. The solution is ours, so we can implement it according to our clients’ needs.


A new product to meet demand


The decision to innovate with glass wall panels allowed us to better meet the growing and increasing complex needs of our clients. Consequently, our new product has had many positive repercussions! This initiative allowed us to take part in the paddock renovation project on the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve. During this project, we were able to strengthen our local presence by proudly presenting our high-quality products and expertise.


The Grandchamp Structure Design management team is especially grateful for its research and development department. Thanks to their work, we can continue to stand out among our competitors and offer increasingly high-performance products.


We encourage you to discover our new glass wall panel here  and to contact us for farther details.