Portable Buildings

Research and development have been an integral part of Grandchamp Structure Design since its founding over 33 years ago. For this reason, the company is now considered to be a leading manufacturer of portable buildings and marquees in North America.

Constantly designing better, more innovative portable buildings that meet diverse customer needs and that can withstand the harshest climates requires quite a bit of engineering, research, and development. Grandchamp invests heavily in tools such as continual improvement, SMART objectives, and the 5S to stay competitive and at the forefront of the market.

High quality fabric portable buildings


As with the company’s values (solidity innovation, efficiency, and professionalism), Grandchamp Structure Design’s high-quality products are the result of the concerted efforts of its employees, who have conceived, tested, and implemented numerous innovative techniques and discoveries.

The commercial, modular, and portable buildings are all the fruit of applied research, which has modelled them to the company’s commercial objectives and, more specifically, the customers’ needs.

Grandchamp Structure Design’s research and development department is currently working on an unprecedented project for its portable buildings: a two-storey structure, which will be unveiled next year!

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Products of Research and Development


At Grandchamp Structure Design, innovation is achieved through tireless research and development of raw materials and manufacturing and installation processes.

This growth is essential for Grandchamp, as it allows the company to meet customers’ needs by offering practical, custom solutions.

Of all the innovations born from the many research and development projects, Grandchamp Structure Design is particularly proud of the universality of its products. The portable buildings, for example, feature assembly parts that are compatible and interchangeable.

More about the fabric portable buildings


For increased solidity, the internal teams created the BOLT-ON system, a versatile and resistant attachment system that is incredibly simple to install. Requiring only one tool to set up, BOLT-ON allows you to embellish your structure with lights, speakers, and other decorations.

Adapted to northern climates, Grandchamp Structure Design’s tents can withstand violent winds, heavy snowfalls, and other weather challenges. This sturdiness can largely be attributed to Grandchamp’s unique steel cables and structures.

Research and development also allow the company to develop portable buildings in various shapes, namely L, S, or U-shaped tents, and with features such as round ends, giving your structure tent a classy and elegant look.

Wide variety of fabric buildings


Grandchamp Structure Design also offers a variety of solutions to further enhance your portable buildings: 360° panoramic walls, tinted windows, skylights, and gables adorned with impressive full-length windows.

Thanks to its research and development efforts, Grandchamp is now able to offer you the largest portable buildings available in North America, which measures up to 140 ft. wide. As for its length? You decide!

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