Privacy and Security Policy

Grandchamp’s Privacy and Security Policy

Respecting your private life is of the utmost importance to our company. Our Privacy and Security Policy aims to provide information on the practices used by Grandchamp in regards to your personal information.

Provision of Personal Information

We are dedicated to ensuring the protection of the personal information you entrust us with. Your information is gathered and stored according to the applicable laws and regulations in order to ensure that our services are used to serve you in only the most optimal way. We only collect, directly or indirectly, the necessary information needed to answer our clients’ needs.
If you provide us with personal information through one of our electronic forms or through e-mail, only the information needed to answer your query will be utilized. This information will only be communicated to third parties given your consent or if the law allows for its dissemination.

Data Exchanged on Our Website

When you access the website, your computer and our server systematically exchange data. Your personal information can in no way be accessed through this exchange. The server requires this exchange in order to transfer a file compatible with the computer equipment you use. The data that is communicated is covered in the following essentials:

  • Identification of your Internet service provider (domain name);
  • IP address: the numerical address used to identify and locate your computer;
  • The browser you use (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and operating system (Windows, Mac OS, etc.)
  • The date and hour on which you visited the website;
  • The website pages you have visited;
  • The address of the website from which you were redirected to the GRANDCHAMP CHAPITEAUX website, if applicable.

This information is used anonymously for statistical purposes, in particular as a way to record the analytical number, a website analysis tool that allows GRANDCHAMP CHAPITEAUX to produce website navigation reports.

Use of Cookies

GRANDCHAMP CHAPITEAUX does not send any permanent cookies to the users of its website.

Security Protocol

No personal information is communicated over unsecured e-mails. An Internet connection is secure when the address in the web browser address bar begins with “HTTPS” and the security seal (lock or key icon) is displayed by your browser. We will only share your information with our employees or our authorized suppliers for the purposes described in this Privacy and Security Policy.
We subscribe to administrative, technical and physical protection measures against the unauthorized use, alteration and disclosure of personal information in our possession and under our control.

You can contact us at any time if you have any questions relating to our Privacy and Security Policy.