Temporary fabric buildings

Grandchamp Structure Design has over 30 years of experience manufacturing temporary buildings of all sizes, from small marquees to impressive all-season temporary tent.

Every Grandchamp temporary buildings is a testament to the company’s four intrinsic values: solidity, efficiency, innovation, and professionalism.

A global leader in temporary buildings, commercial tent, and freestanding tents, Grandchamp manufactures the sturdiest products on the market. Indeed, our products are specifically designed to withstand various harsh weather conditions.


At Grandchamp, innovation guides not only manufacturing, but also planning. This avant-gardism is ensured and validated by the research and development department. This means that every product is designed according to the work method and well-established processes of “Lean Management,” a business management approach that supports continued education concepts. This long-term process involves systematically looking for small and periodic changes to implement within an organized framework to improve efficiency and quality.

Easy to install fabric buildings


Tangibly, innovation allows Grandchamp to offer adaptable, customizable, and versatile tents. All tent pieces can be used for more than one type of structure. Moreover, each piece of aluminum has a rail that offers a certain flexibility and allows you to anchor the tent as you see fit.

Efficiency is a key element of each of our products. This is particularly evident while installing the temporary buildings. Grandchamp designed its temporary buildings to be easy to install without the need for an army of people; the arch assembly system allows even the most impressive temporary buildings to be erected by a limited number of workers.

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Thanks to the continuous improvement of our products, carried out according to a firmly established standard and SMART (specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic, and timely) objectives, Grandchamp’s marquees and temporary buildings are highly adaptable to meet the needs of every customer. What’s more, they only require a single tool to assemble!

Grandchamp Structure Design and all our employees take professionalism to heart, and it shows not only in our products and designs, but also in our business relationships. Our tents will help you present an elegant and professional image while offering you a solid, innovative, and efficient product.

Custom fabric structures

Similarly, Grandchamp Structure Design’s manufacturing plant is deftly operated according to the Lean Management approach and in the cleanest of conditions.

Next time you need a tent, let us know! We’ll provide you with a fully customized product, in the perfect colour and size to suit your needs. We guarantee a versatile and very robust structures. Proof of our products’ safety and sturdiness, Grandchamp Structure Design’s reputation is unparalleled when it comes to the creation of freestanding tents, temporary buildings, and marquees. It’s one of the reasons why our tents have been chosen by a number of reputable customers!

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