MARQUEE TENT (small tent)


The defining feature of these small tent is their pointed gables, which attract the eye and increase visibility for festive events and businesses that purchase or rent these products. The pointed gable is a shining example of our company’s improvements to the classic marquee model. Our R&D and production teams redesigned the roof to accentuate the point, making our marquees stand out with a more impressive gable. This innovation doesn’t simply look good: it adds tension to the roof and makes for a more aerodynamic design. That’s why our marquees resist strong wind and heavy rain better than any other product on the market. This major improvement simultaneously improves the look and stability of our freestanding tents.

This new marquee design is the result of extensive reflection over several years. The same thought and thoroughness has gone into testing the product on the rental market. Easy assembly and quick installation make it a one-of-a-kind solution. Today, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that our marquee is up to the task.
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Our metal department has made changes to how the tent frame’s aluminum parts are manufactured, resulting in a more stable structure. The parts now form two new generations of framing for our marquees: XSmall and Small. The structural reconfiguration of the small tent showcases one of our other innovations: the bolt-on system. This system ensures safe installation for accessories such as projectors, decorations or advertising, at any spot on the frame.
Like in our clear span tents, this tent’s interior space is completely open, with no centre poles. What’s more, all of our small-tent frame parts are compatible, meaning that the marquee is modular as well—the sky’s the limit! Clients can join any two marquees together on any side, regardless of their size or configuration. What’s more, doing so won’t harm our products’ impeccable seal. There’s no way a mosquito is going to get in and bite you!





Our seal is the result of careful attention to detail when designing roofs, walls and gutters. In fact, these parts are made from top-quality vinyl that blocks the sun’s rays and meets NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards. Our vinyl is also resistant to high temperatures, allowing us to clean our tents with warm water in our industrial washer.


We place a vinyl gutter between two marquees to ensure a perfect seal. This piece is inserted between adjoining uprights to seal the gap and prevent water from entering between the marquees. Our joining system allows all different types of tents to be joined together and keeps guests dry.





Our walls are designed based on the same principles as our Keder gutters. They are inserted directly into uprights to ensure a full seal. The tops of the walls are wheel-mounted, making them easier to open and close. Our sliding wall system is another Grandchamp innovation, replacing the usual steel cable that had to be installed at the top of each facade to attach the walls. This outdated system, which is still used by many tent providers, can pose problems for the client. With our wheel-mounted system, walls no longer flap in the wind, and there’s no need to deal with slackening steel cables and unpleasant gaps at the top of facades.We have also created a system to improve tension at the bottom of the walls, and come up with aesthetic innovations to complement our practical solutions. Grandchamp’s walls stand out for their big, French door-style windows, which provide an outstanding panoramic effect. We also offer a unique tinted window option for increased privacy, sun protection and high-class style.


Grandchamp is a self-sufficient, in fact, we’re a vertically integrated company. Supported by the outstanding work of our R&D, production, metal and installation departments, we offer our clients personalized products. For example, we use an industrial printer to print event banners, roofs and walls with a company’s logo applied directly to the vinyl. This way, clients can design their very own one-of-a-kind marquee.Above all, you want a 20’ by 40’ structure that’s 10’ high with a red roof, a white gutter and blue walls emblazoned with a famous quote from your favourite hockey player?

No problem. Grandchamp is at your service, and everything is possible!




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