Dévoilement du chapiteau structure XLN

Unveiling of the XLN Structure Tent

September 29, 2016 3:21 pm

Dévoilement du chapiteau structure XLN

In 2015, Grandchamp Structure Design launched its new tent model: the XLN structure tent. This new model allows us to make 67 ft.- to 140 ft.-wide tents, a first in North America.Within the field of marquee tent rentals and manufacturing, we operate in a privileged market of all-season structure tents that can resist heavy wind and snow. Since we launched the XLN structure tent, our company has seen continuous growth.

Our orders have increased and we’ve signed long-term contracts over several years with major clients!

What’s more, many of these contracts have brought about major changes to several aspects of our business, including technological innovation, production organization and financial liquidity.We have invested over half a million dollars in reorganizing our production line, purchasing major equipment, implementing various procedures, acquiring software, training and expanding our main office. We have also established distinct departments for our production operations, and reviewed our work methods to increase efficiency and proactively meet demand.

Our performance in the coming months will determine our position as a North American manufacturer. We predict a record year for structure tent production and our product meets demand perfectly.

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