Manufacturing Award, Lauréat du prix manufacturier 2016

Winner of the 2016 Manufacturing Award

September 29, 2016 3:23 pm

On Friday, May 6, Grandchamp Structure Design won an award in the manufacturing category at the Chambre de commerce de la MRC de L’Assomption’s Distinction Awards Gala. This outstanding, colourful event is held every two years to celebrate and promote local entrepreneurs.

To demonstrate its commitment to technological innovation, Grandchamp Structure has acquired high-performance precision equipment, such as a 70 ft.-wide high-frequency welding machine. This process shows that welding is the most reliable and durable way to seal vinyl. Joints made with high-frequency molecular welding become more resistant than the material itself and allow for more efficient manufacturing.

What’s more, Grandchamp Structure also acquired a powerful digital cutting table. It’s by far the most versatile model ever released. In a world where technology and business are rapidly changing, it is important to invest in equipment that meets our clients’ needs and provides them with inspiring possibilities.

In addition to equipment innovation, our team is engaged at every level to ensure that our company’s values are respected and promoted. The Lean Management method is our number one weapon in beating competition. It is what helps Grandchamp Structure Design develop and manufacture stronger structure tents that are better adapted to their environment.

Our approach helped Grandchamp Structure Design stand out among its competitors in the manufacturing category to win this award, which demonstrates our team’s passion for reinventing value-added production.

We’re extremely proud to have received this honour, which gives us even more drive in the pursuit of our mission.

Mr. Bernard Grandchamp would also like to highlight the invaluable help of certain organizations, including: CIENOV (CLD) – MESI – NRC – EQ – CED

“You need to decide whether or not to board the train. With this team, we chose not only to get on board, but to be the conductor.” Say Bernard Grandchamp.


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